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Probably a far more provincial one in which we do not buy anything new and instead collect Old Master paintings and antique furniture from our local saleroom or dealer, transported home strapped to the top of a Tesla. Fairs would be local, reachable by electric car or train, and client pools would necessarily shrink.

Artists Network Newsletter

In many ways the art world is in a better position now than ever to conduct its business without the need to travel. The question is, are we sufficiently worried about our impact on the planet to give up that freedom, privilege and progress to which we are so accustomed and return to a life much more provincial? We should be: the art market is not going to be de-globalised, and nor should it be, but we really should be more selective and think about whether our presence—or indeed, that work of art—is really needed on the other side of the world.

Otherwise, our current interest in climate change will prove to be little more than an on-message theme for topical but vacuous exhibitions.

For more information, contact info theartnewspaper. Our daily newsletter contains a round-up of the stories published on our website, previews of exhibitions that are opening and more. This point is short. You are leaving your career in the arts either because of love or because of fear. You should justify your decision with love and with your heart. Love for something else, and a promise to take care of your love for the arts in the future as well. They did not seize to exist after the 16th century.

There are a lot of artists who are great masters of, say, the violin. But what if you are one of those who are great with violin but can also paint a hell of a piece of art? Or write really well. Or create beautiful homes, or have a great scientific mind, or communicate with different people, or [fill in the blank]. Or maybe you are a cat woman like me. No, not the one fighting Batman or the creepy one from The Simpsons. I am talking about a person who wants to live nine lives during one lifetime.

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Oh, well. Some say that you get more than one lifetime, but who knows? Some of us are born with this restfulness, which probably drove us to the arts in the first place. Express yourself by living nine lives if that is what you need to do.

16th Istanbul Biennial

People change career all the time but somehow arts is the only one you need to pursue until the end of times, because that is a calling, a passion, a destiny and what have you. Every person was born creative, so being creative in an artistic way is just one form of it. It is ok to let your creativity to flow into other directions as well. After getting some real life results for my career change, like being offered the new job I am starting tomorrow, there have been moments when I have heard music and gotten a small sting in my heart.

Am I not going to be surrounded by this every day anymore? But when I was surrounded by it every day, I did not really have time to enjoy it. And when I got home I did not have any more energy for it. A concert usually meant work. So no, I am not going to be surrounded by it every day anymore, but the love is there and I can enjoy the time with the love of my life whenever I choose and let it be rest, not work.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: some people who know me only superficially and are not usually in the arts business themselves do not seem to be at all excited for me when I tell them about my new job, but people who are close to me and know me well, almost scream of excitement when I tell them about my new career directions. Pay attention: people do not want to hear that a person involved in the arts would want something else.

I am telling you: it is not your responsibility and it is ok to change your dreams in the course of life as you learn to know yourself better.

Arts people seem to be the only ones forgetting this sometimes, though. Like a friend of mine, an artist to the core, said after recently having a child: suddenly it does not seem that important to perfect the role of some slut Carmen and perform it on a random street market somewhere.

Cynical tales for desperate times... on through 15 September

She is not leaving her arts career, but is now changing her focus in it. People change, situations change and some things might actually become more important than The Arts. Nothing you have done in your life has been in vain. Your artistic career will be an incredible asset for you in anything you want to pursue in life.

Give Up Art

I have already seen that my new career move is just one variation of the same theme, just looking at it from a different angle. Work hard and build up a body of art. I have compiled some of the best and most encouraging advice from our spotlighted artists for this article. In order to do this you need to save up and move to a country with a very low cost of living. You will find yourself less distracted by life and also more apt at making enough money in art to cover your living expenses. And one more thing Immediately turn around and buy better supplies.

The goal is to improve and astonish yourself. You should be more focused on what you're capable of creating rather than what you've already made. The best is yet to come To be featured at Artpromotivate, please visit this page for details: Artist Spotlight. Great blogpost that all of us needs to hear, repeatedly. Thanks for posting it. I've been painting for 11 years now.

I love it. I love the idea of filling in that blank canvas with whatever I want.

New Documents / Give Up Art (Maria Fusco)

The freedom is exciting, no one can tell you what you do is right or wrong. It is what it is.

When to give up on your concept art dream - TCC #15 July 20, 2018 #TrentKaniuga

I've been lucky to find an audience for my work and I keep painting because in it's ultimate simplicity it's just love for me. When I don't have the chance to paint for a few days and I sit down to paint and I feel the brush in my hand and the feeling of the paint covering the canvas, I think to myself "why did I go away from this?

I miss it so much and when I go back to it, it's like falling in love with painting all over again. Don't let anyone tell you how or what to paint.

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Do what's in your heart. We are all unique and individual and that's what will show in your work, the true spirit of your heart and soul. Never stop because someone tells you something negative, keep going because it makes you feel positive. Rob In Denver Thank-you Rob..

Mike Filippello Thanks Mike! That is some very good advice. I especially like the part "We are all unique and individual and that's what will show in your work, the true spirit of your heart and soul.