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The film was also the recipient of an Oscar in the Best Film category and received a total of ten Academy Awards. Four hours. The film is very faithful to the book and explores the themes of maturity, duty, and cowardice, during wartime. This film is appropriate for upper elementary grades to grade Certain clips can be applied in classroom instruction, based on teacher needs. Four hours and 40 minutes. The film addresses issues of morality and faith when confronted by war. He and his family are faced with a dilemma in which side to support since he is opposed to slavery and does not see the value in war to begin with.

The 12 Best Civil War Movies

The family becomes involved in the conflict when one of Stewart's sons is taken prisoner by the Union army. The film depicts the impact of the war on the homefront and the horrors of war for the family. It depicts a man who is to be hanged for sabotage during the Civil War. The film is famous for its irregular time sequencing and plot twists. Birth of a Nation : This classic American silent film produced by D. This film is not rated, but because of the content it is recommended for Honors and AP classes. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store.

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The 12 Best Civil War Movies

Anniversary: Battle of Perryville. Save 22 Acres at New Market Heights. The Washington Post.

Glory 1989 Movie - Matthew Broderick & Denzel Washington

Benson Bobrick. Rebels on the Great Lakes. John Bell. Robert E. Lee: A Biography. Emory M. Jamie Malanowski. Two Miserable Presidents. Steve Sheinkin. River Run Red.

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Andrew Ward. Marching Through Georgia. Lee B. Who Was Robert E. Bonnie Bader. General Sherman's Christmas. Stanley Weintraub. Hidden History of Kentucky in the Civil War. Berry Craig. A Quaker Officer in the Civil War. Justin Carisio.

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    James W. The Wilderness Campaign. Gary W. Lee and His Army in Confederate History. The Story of Black Military Officers, Krewasky A. Salter I. Paul Tremewan. Brian Matthew Jordan. The Battle Rages Higher. Kirk C. The Civil War in Popular Culture. Lawrence A. Kreiser Jr.

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    George C. The Sutton-Taylor Feud. Chuck Parsons. Civil War Atlanta. Robert Scott Davis. The River Was Dyed with Blood. Brian Steel Wills. Cape Cod and the Civil War. Stauffer Miller. The Washingtons.

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    Volume 2. Justin Glenn. The Colors of Courage. Margaret S. Gettysburg Heroes. Glenn W.

    Civil War epic ‘Glory’ returning to theaters in July

    Mark K. Perryville Under Fire. Stuart W. Scars to Prove It.