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  1. Saying Goodbye Can Be So Hard
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And your relationship to that person changed. That's why psychologists and other experts trained in mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing prioritize what they call termination. Termination occurs when a therapist and client end their relationship. And what's most interesting about termination is how and when it's discussed.

Saying Goodbye Can Be So Hard

Whereas most relationships fade into the background, terminations are intentional. They are discussed for weeks and sometimes months prior to the actual ending. As someone ending treatment with many of my clients , I've brought up termination--or the ending of our therapeutic relationship--several times throughout our work.

Trading Yesterday - My Last Goodbye (Lyrics)

But especially over the last month. Each time clients say something that feels relevant to the ending of our work, I remind them about our ending. I specify how many sessions we have left.

And I invite them to share more of their thoughts and feelings about it. When done properly, termination can help people leave the relationship with a sense of closure, wellbeing, and confidence in their future.

Paradoxically, the only way that people can access those positive feelings is by sharing all of their frustrations, fears, regrets, and wishes prior to the relationship ending. During what I call the "termination phase" of treatment, I focus on creating space for a wide range of feelings. I encourage clients to share thoughts that they've typically kept private. I empathize with their wide range of responses. And I share my own reactions to the ending of our relationship.

I do all of this while summarizing the themes of our work. Encouraging clients to think about what they've learned from our time together. Setting goals for the future.

And asking clients to imagine what life will be like without our sessions. Sometimes these conversations are short.

23 Best Final goodbye! images in | Gita quotes, Thoughts, Condolences

Other times, they are long and full of intense feelings. But more often than not, even having these talks gives clients the opportunity to do something new: end our relationship the way that they'd like to. Most often, we don't have the ability to choose how to end relationships.

People stop showing up.

The Best Pop Songs About Saying Goodbye

People fade away. People move. Next Poem. I close my eyes. I see your face, with every bit I can retrace. Days together, days apart, Days that took this broken heart.

Making a memory box

Now I'm blind, you took my eyes, eyes of my heart; you said goodbye. I sit alone this empty night, broken, don't know what's right. Footprints you've left as you walked out of my heart, I'm terrified, confused; now falling apart. Days turned black to blue, hours and hours I thought of you. I cry in this lonely room, "Babe, I'll be home soon" Where your eyes will shine, home, where you'll say you're mine. For now I let the tears that fall, my heart, my mind, you have it all.

The darkness, the cold, wishing you're here, gives me shelter, shelter from tears. I sit across this ticking clock, ticking slowly as thunder struck.


The silence of hell, but where's my soul to sell? All that's left are the tears that stream, and nothing but a broken dream. Here I lay, I closed my eyes, the angels cry, As I give up, on you, on us, on this love that dies; so here's my goodbye. Letting Go By Ash. Never Part By Bailee Simler. Did you spell check your submission? Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am".