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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! She's been married to two no-good, cheating weasels, so when handsome book publisher Jack Walsh shows up on her doorstep and pretends to be her hired escort, she's not one bit amused. Jack's back home from traveling the world as a journalist, ready to take over as CEO of his family's publishing business.

Not only does he want to hire Katy's firm to renovate his family's historic building, but he's also very interested in exploring the attraction between them. At first, she's humiliated and furious, but the job will put her on a fast track to success. Despite the fact that she's drawn to her new client, Katy's determined to protect her heart. Can Jack convince her that the third time's a charm? Help Centre. Hi Nancy! Are you a bartender? If not, where did you go to find your steps to pulling the beer? How do you fight off the urge to share too much research in your story?

Judy and Lynne, I found you both in moderation and asking the same question. I had also asked it in my mind.

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What fun. I like asking questions. Or do you plot it all out and then write a fairly polished first draft and revise very little? I love the title of your book Nan. Nan, congrats on the release of your book! I enjoyed the excerpt! My question for you is…what was your inspiration to write Rule Number One? I love that title!

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Hi, Nan and Robena — Nice to see you. The excerpt is great. Nan, do you feel as though your books are your niche in writing or do you have other preferences? I ask this from a selfish perspective, of course, because I love writing essays. Congrats on your debut. And Liz, I went to hear memoirist Wade Rouse speak.

He started out as an essayist and then began to put those together as the musings of a memoirist, and is now very successful. Keep on writing. During your writing process, did your characters talk to you, giving you a line and moved the story in another direction? By the way, I used to get you and Nan mixed up in my head all the time. So cute. Thanks, Mabel.

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I know what you mean. Robena Grant. Skip to content. This entry was posted in Life.

Rule Number One (Bookstrand Publishing Romance) : Nan Reinhardt :

Bookmark the permalink. March 5, at pm. Nancy says:. Robena Grant says:.

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Dee J. Great excerpt! Really loved it! Congrats on the release! How long have you been writing? Charlene Sands says:. Lynne Marshall says:.

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Loved the excerpt. Best of luck on the new book. Judy, Judy, Judy says:. Mary Stella says:. Hi Robena and Nan, What fun.

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Maria says:. Gina B. March 6, at am. Hi Robena and Nan! Liz Flaherty says:. Chery Brooks says:. March 6, at pm. Thanks for coming by Gina, Liz, and Cheryl. Carol says:. How exciting. March 10, at am. I never have questions, but I enjoy reading the result of these. March 10, at pm. Follow Me. You can contact me at robenagrant aol. Click here to read my privacy policy. Available July 14, Available December 12, Available December 4, Available February 12, Available January 28,