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Is That Your Final Answer? : Trade Life Books : : Blackwell's

These Diophantine equations, where you have to figure out several unknowns that combine into to a known value, are used throughout computing in various algorithms. But what these researchers are really doing, finding points on elliptic curves, is a fundamental mathematical idea used in the cryptography that secures things like bitcoin. The A. Ryan F. Share This Story.

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More Math. About the author Ryan F.

What is Kobo Super Points?

Lifehacker Offspring. Club News. Share Tweet. Her father, the Mad King Aerys II, was known for burning alive those who displeased him, a tendency that Dany has inched and then galloped toward over the past several seasons. First, she set the Dothraki meeting yurt afire and murdered the entire ruling class.

Reward Yourself

Will Dany turn into the Mad Queen? Will Jon have to destroy her before she destroys Westeros? All of the clues are lined up, but on Game of Thrones , nothing is more uncertain than something that seems certain.

Lady Gilly has a nice ring to it, yes? Ohhhhhhh ho ho ho ho. On Game of Thrones? The show that took six years slowly building up a story based on long-haul journeys and companionship on the road and then, in its seventh season, sent Euron and his Iron Fleet up and down the Westerosi coastline on trips faster than a lunch-break visit to CVS?

His new buzz cut is honestly very sexy, and he also has the internal compass of an Eagle Scout. How else can we explain that he knew the route back to the Wall so well in season seven? Qyburn, the Dr.

Frankenstein extraordinaire that he is, seemingly has a gadget for everything. The Night King had better luck hurling his spear at Viserion , and then heaving him out of the frozen deep and resurrecting him as an ice dragon. So, how can the Army of the Living bring Viserion down? Is anything impossible? If Bran ventured back to other moments in history and made himself heard, could he have influenced events by, say, leading Aerys into madness, thus setting off the current chain of chaos?

Lordy, Lordy, this is the mother of all dragon questions. But my money is on Tyrion, who is consistently underestimated, and maybe just maybe! But if the world were just, Tyrion would be the savior of Westeros. Then comes another — younger, more beautiful — to cast you down and take all you hold dear. The king will have 20 children and you will have three.

Gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds. But who exactly is the younger, more beautiful queen come to cast her down? Cersei worried it was Sansa, then Margery, and now, it seems to her that the queen is Daenerys. But in George R. How fitting then that the thing she fears most will be what finally chokes the life out of her? After Cersei stalks away from the summit at the Dragonpit, Tyrion knows that only he — the brother she despises to the core of her being — can change her mind.

Which is weird, right? But it somehow works. Tyrion leaves the meeting with Cersei, and she agrees to a cease-fire with Daenerys and the Northern armies. So what exactly did Tyrion tell her? But for me, Tyrion is the hero of Game of Thrones. He has more complexity than Jon, better instincts than Dany, and some shred of human decency, unlike Cersei. As Cersei explained to Jaime while they stood on that very poorly planned map of Westeros who would paint their giant strategic platform outdoors, just before winter sets in?

The problem is that Euron is the lamest faux —Jack Sparrow swashbuckler imaginable and nobody really gives a raven crap if he makes it out of this alive. One last time.

I have to die in this strange country, just like you. But in this case, we have reason to put our faith in her mystical soothsaying. But why make such a long trek just to come back to Westeros to die? It seems this most proud of characters has finally been chastened after Jon exiled her for sacrificing the blameless Shireen Baratheon in a horrific fiery death.

TRANSCRIPT: Miss Universe 2018 opening statements, Q&A, final word

When two do it, well, the rules of your fictional universe start to feel a little flexible. Not to mention the Hound and the Mountain. Our favorite kooky theory? That Ned Stark is alive, well, hiding out, and about to stroll back onto the scene. So why was he there? There have been quite a few instances of the GOT audience assuming someone is dead cough, cough, the Hound without actually witnessing his or her final breath. Which is what makes this theory seem plausible. Just before Arya and the Waif fought for the final time, Arya threw the room in pitch blackness. And the Waif, you may recall, also has the ability to don the faces of the dead.

So who really left Braavos? Will he ever return to his home on Cape Wrath and hold his beloved again?